Thursday, March 26, 2009

FOR TODAY March 26, 2009...
Outside my is sunny and windy; so it looks nice out, but feels cold.
I am thinking...that I need to get back into a routine and also that I will start posting on the fort again soon. Also, I think it is time to take my baby ticker down ...
I am thankful for...the little things that make a difference in life.
From the learning rooms...the kids made this swallow mobile, that Anne had blogged about, to hang from the cieling fan for "Swallow Day" and will be planting a garden this week.
From the kitchen...we made the sugar cookies from
Catholic Cuisine, with blue sugar sprinkles,for the feast of the Annunciation.
I am denim tennies, denim skirt, and a red t-shirt that I will change as soon as I'm done with this because I has been spit upon by my cute little baby James.
I am many things all at once that none of them are getting done :(This is a lenten tree that I made from seeing this one at Shower of Roses, but I am using Dom Guarrenger's Liturgical Year books and making symbols to match it day by day.Needless to say I am a little behind with the symbols, but it's coming along.
I am get more wood for the boys' fort with the money dad made fixing up an old bug and selling it for 3 times what he paid for it. (he's so smart :)
I am reading...not much right now, no time.But I am learning more about HTML :)
I am hoping...our garden works this year.
I am hearing...Peter helping Thomas put on his shoes and Amber play out back.Everyone else is quietly doing math.
A picture thought I am sharing... The circus car (there's 7 clowns in there :)

We were Bug owners for a week! The kids almost voted to keep the VW to play in and forgo the fort...almost.

Love, Gloria

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shamrock says...

Your Shamrock Says You Are Loving

You are balanced, nurturing, and sympathetic. You understand people and love to help them.

At times, you get too involved with what's going on in other people's lives. It's hard to remove yourself.

You consider yourself a lucky person. Luck always seems to be on your side.

You are stylish, in a classic sort of way. You are particular about how you like things.

Monday, March 16, 2009


FOR TODAY... March 16, 2009
Outside my is a beautiful, puffy clouded, sunshiny, rainy, Irish day. I think St. Patrick visited us a little early.
I am thinking...that if I don't change, nothing else will.
I am thankful for...the desk that allen bought for our computer. It is big enough for me to actually do paperwork on and still have room for office supplies and bills and some school supplies too (yes it's big). And I am finally able to keep that dreaded pile of papers off of the kitchen counter :)
From the learning rooms...Benjamin is studying the elements and everyone else is focusing on the basics.
From the kitchen...I am trying something new, individual meat loafs like burgers with pork & beans, peas and buiscuts from scratch.
(update...the meatloaf burgers needed onions! Otherwise, dinner turned out fine, I guess, because it's GONE!)
I am wearing...a cotton floral sweater, a blue broom skirt with white flowers, and my favorite old, beat-up Ariat boots that are made from sherling suede and leather. I wish they still made them. *sigh*
I am creating...diapers and covers from fabric that I bought Friday, and a mei tai baby pack.I hope they turn out OK.
I am get my taxes sent out this week :
I am reading...the life of The Blessed Virgin by Sister Anne Catherine Emmerich to the children; interesting.
I am hoping...That Allen feels better after taking care of his sore tooth.
I am hearing...Amber sing "DO DO DO" while softly playing the piano; too cute!
Around the house...our garden needs to get started or we won't have one, and we're goin to need one!
One of my favorite things...trying new things.
A few plans for the rest of the week: get taxes done, school, and finish mei tai.
Here is picture thought I am sharing...
James's first photo with his eyes open :)