Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Thankfulness Times Ten

Time to dust off the old blog for a little gratitude. Taking the advice of a friend and noticing some thanksgiving to boost joy in life.

1. Rainy weather amidst the heat of summer...refreshing!

2. Growing plants in the garden promising summer bounty.

3. Grey hairs that turn brown. Seems they can't make up their mind ;)

4. Babies sleeping together.

5. A baby that just wants to cuddle.

6. Smell of weeds warmed by the sun.

7. Tea cups in line for hot water.

8. Friends in my kitchen.

9. Bottlebrush trying to bloom for a third time.

10. Our trip to the coast...

I'll try for ten more soon and if I can get to one hundred, I might do it ten more times...